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Texas Speeding & Traffic Citation Lawyer

A traffic violation can create serious problems in your life. From increased insurance rates to the possible suspension of your Texas driver's license, it is important to work to try and keep a traffic ticket off your record if possible. Why? The cost of having a ticket on your record can far exceed the actual fine and court costs the citing city is asking you to pay. In addition, a simple speeding ticket could result in you spending time in jail if not handled properly.

Hiring an experienced Texas Traffic Defense Attorney:

Having an experienced Texas traffic ticket attorney can be of great assistance when having to confront a traffic citation, and helps to avoid the hours that can be spent in the courtroom and dealing with court staff, such as the city prosecutor.

For this reason, we believe it is important for you to have a traffic defense attorney that understands the court system and its internal workings, plus a lawyer that can explain what your options are when faced with a traffic ticket that could result in higher insurance premiums and more. We work to offer affordable fees and prompt service.

If you have received a speeding, or other traffic related ticket, in Texas please contact us today.